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Shout out to our talent Aidan Browne in this new McDonald's commercial!


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Going into an audition can be extremely nerve-racking. Luckily, we have a few tips to help you stay calm and focused before even entering the audition room. What’s a better way to pump yourself up than with some great music? Create a playlist with some up-beat songs to get you excited and in the zone! Try not to stress over... See more
A-E AEA: An acronym for the Actors Equity Association AFTRA: An acronym for the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. It is a union for all TV performers. Agent/Agency: A third party who helps find bookings for an actor. They receive a percentage for booking. Blow Up: An enlarged photo from a negative or a slide. Booking: A job... See more
It’s always been said that organization is the key to success. However, sometimes we forget just how crucial orderliness and structure can be for an actor. As a fellow actress (and intern), I understand the importance of remembering things. Not only do we as actors have to memorize our lines, but we must also remember details such as the names... See more




“Getting you the opportunity to do what you want full time, that’s my dream.” One of our talent agents said this to a young girl looking to model with Take 3 Talent. The moment she heard these words, the girl’s face lit up with a great big smile. As an aspiring actor interning at a talent agency like Take 3,... See more
Trying to be something you’re not never works. Not in life, and especially not in the casting world. Paradoxical as that may seem, as someone who has spent some time in the industry, this is an important concept to grasp if one wants to maintain a positive reputation. You see, much like nearly any other profession, time is money for... See more
Anyone in film can tell you, lighting is everything. Well, maybe not everyone but lighting sure is important. When it comes to headshots there are two different options: studio lighting or natural lighting. But which one is better? Well, there are pros and cons to both. Natural lighting can bring out the most vibrant colors. So for blue eyes, green... See more
This year, Take 3 Talent is taking Hollywood by storm! Our very talented CARLA OUDIN and DEVIN FABRY are receiving a lot of attention for their appearances in the recently released Trainwreck starring Amy Shumer! But that isn’t the only summer blockbuster to feature our actors! Pixels, another recent premiere, features our very own JARED RILEY. Jared had a blast... See more
With today’s easy access to cameras and editing software, actors are being called upon more and more often to tape their own auditions. Not only do self tapes allow casting directors to see a larger number of actors, they also present a great opportunity for New York actors to audition for LA projects. However, due to the huge amount of... See more
Why do I need a demo reel? Casting directors do not waste time. That means calling in the best actors for the role, and only working with those who prove themselves to be the strongest overall. With thousands of actors vying for auditions and roles, it’s important to set yourself apart and use every advantage available to you. In the industry today, headshots... See more
Here at Take 3 Talent, the more we work on voice overs, the more we realize how difficult it is to book a voice over job! It seems easy… you might have a GREAT voice, maybe you’ve booked some cool on-camera jobs, but booking a VO is a completely different animal. The key to successfully making the transition into voice... See more
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