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Getting Over Those Pre-Audition Nerves

Going into an audition can be extremely nerve-racking. Luckily, we have a few tips to help you stay calm and focused before even entering the audition room.

What’s a better way to pump yourself up than with some great music? Create a playlist with some up-beat songs to get you excited and in the zone!

Try not to stress over your material at the last minute. Take the moments leading up to your audition to encourage yourself, don’t spend them over-preparing. You’ve worked hard and practiced- you know it! Now you just need to trust yourself.

It’s important to warm up your body (not just your voice) before entering an audition. Make sure to do some light stretches to get out any stiffness and shake away those pre-audition jitters.

Don’t think about the competition. It may be intimidating at times seeing everyone in the holding room going out for the same role as you. Try not to compare yourself to others and remember that you have something special that sets you apart from the rest.

Get out of your head. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to book that one role. Of course you want to nail the audition but remember that if it doesn’t go as planned, there will always be another opportunity right around the corner. If you keep that in mind, you will go into the audition feeling more relaxed, which will work to your benefit!

Confidence is key. This may be the most important tip when auditioning. If you don’t believe in yourself, neither will the casting directors. So go out there and show them what you’ve got!

An Actors Dictionary to Help Understand the Business


AEA: An acronym for the Actors Equity Association

AFTRA: An acronym for the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. It is a union for all TV performers.

Agent/Agency: A third party who helps find bookings for an actor. They receive a percentage for booking.

Blow Up: An enlarged photo from a negative or a slide.

Booking: A job an actor is assigned.

Book Out: When you inform your agent/agency that you will be unavailable for certain amount of time. Reasons could be another job, a vacation, etc.

Breakdown: Further information about a possible booking. This can give details about the pay rate, a role, the usage, and more.

Buyout: An advance payment for future use of a print ad or commercial for a certain amount of time.

Call Back: Second audition/interview to further narrow down the selection for a role; this means you are in further consideration.

Call Time: When an actor is due on set.

Casting: Choosing a model or an actor for a specific job.

Casting Director: The person who selects the suitable actor/model to represent a comp or story board.

Cattle Call: A casting call where agencies send similar typed models to a casting session.

Client: A company who hires the agency and pays the actors/models fees.

Cold Reading: A reading of a script that happens for the first time in front of a client, without any time to memorize the lines.

Commercial: A promotional advertisement on TV, radio, and other media.

Commission: A percentage of an actor/models fee required to be paid to the agent/agency.

CSA: An acronym for the Casting Society of America.

Demo Tape: An actor’s audio or video tape that an agent uses for audition purposes.

Dresser: Someone who helps models dress backstage in fashion shows.

Extra: Acting job where the actor has no speaking lines and stands in the background to add to the atmosphere of a scene.

Organizing Your Way To Success

It’s always been said that organization is the key to success. However, sometimes we forget just how crucial orderliness and structure can be for an actor. As a fellow actress (and intern), I understand the importance of remembering things. Not only do we as actors have to memorize our lines, but we must also remember details such as the names of casting directors and the times of our auditions. What if you have more than one audition in one day? What if you have five in one week? It’s so easy to miss a detail every now and then.

This brings me to my number one tip for all actors on how to become more prosperous. I recommend that you buy a notebook or journal. Perhaps make a spreadsheet if you’re savvy. Whatever it is, start a log.

The first step is to write everything down before your auditions. Start by listing the name of the project of which you are auditioning, the date, your role, and the casting director. Once you have the key components listed, get into the gritty details. Write down exactly what you wore and how you did your hair and makeup. Maybe you just got your hair highlighted. Write it down! Although it would be nice to remember all these small details, it simply is not realistic.
When it is time to go to your callback (fingers crossed), you can look back at your handy notes. Make sure to wear the same makeup/hair that you wore to your audition unless told otherwise by casting. If they liked you a certain way the first time, give them that same person in the callback!

At the end of the year, you can look back at all of the auditions, callbacks, and bookings you had and see if there are any patterns. Are you working with one casting director more than others? Are you booking more auditions when you wear a certain outfit or play a particular type of role? Since you now are organized, you will have this all written down.

Now go ahead and make it your goal to double the number of auditions, callbacks, and bookings every year! Good luck and get organizing!


By Abigail Spear


“Getting you the opportunity to do what you want full time, that’s my dream.” One of our talent agents said this to a young girl looking to model with Take 3 Talent. The moment she heard these words, the girl’s face lit up with a great big smile. As an aspiring actor interning at a talent agency like Take 3, I am constantly reminded of how hard these human beings work to make our dreams come true. It’s not just their job, it’s their passion, and they do it very well. For this blog post, the Intern Team at Take 3 Talent wanted to share our appreciation for all talent agents and their work to make dreams come true.

To all talent agents, thank you.


Lights, Camera, Headshots!

Anyone in film can tell you, lighting is everything. Well, maybe not everyone but lighting sure is important. When it comes to headshots there are two different options: studio lighting or natural lighting. But which one is better? Well, there are pros and cons to both.

Natural lighting can bring out the most vibrant colors. So for blue eyes, green eyes and red hair natural takes the cake. However, make sure the background is clean and simple.

Studio lighting is consistent and the photographer has more control over the lighting and the background to ensure that there is a winner that comes out of the shoot. However, for more dramatic roles studio lighting can come out too flat.

Whatever you choose, remember that the headshot is the first thing a potential employer will see so make sure you capture your personality in the picture!


Take 3’s 2015 Silver Screen Debuts!

This year, Take 3 Talent is taking Hollywood by storm! Our very talented CARLA OUDIN and DEVIN FABRY are receiving a lot of attention for their appearances in the recently released Trainwreck starring Amy Shumer!

But that isn’t the only summer blockbuster to feature our actors! Pixels, another recent premiere, features our very own JARED RILEY. Jared had a blast on set playing a young Kevin James!

On top of that, later this year JILLIAN LEBLING will be appearing in the HUGE film, Bridge of Spies! This blockbuster is starring Tom Hanks and directed by Stephen Spielberg! The release date is set for October 16, 2015, and we couldn’t be more excited to see it!

Also premiering later in 2015, HENRY STECKMAN will be featured in The Ridiculous Six starring Adam Sandler! This super silly satire of 1970s westerns will be released in December on Netflix only.

Yet another one of our talented kids, MELO LUDWIG, will be making her feature film debut playing young Ellen Burstyn in Wiener Dog directed by Todd Solondz! The film also stars Brie Larson, Greta Gerwig, and Danny DeVito.

And finally, we’re so proud of QUINN MCCOLGAN and her several projects premiering this year! Quinn is starring in the newly released film Extinction alongside Jeffrey Donovan and Matthew Fox! Later in the year, Quinn will be appearing in the romantic comedy Love The Coopers starring John Goodman, Amanda Seyfried, Diane Keaton, Alan Arkin, and Marisa Tomei! In this film, four generations will come together to celebrate Christmas Eve, and Quinn will be appearing as young Diane Keaton!

Please take a look at our Facebook page to check out the many more exciting projects featuring our actors!

By Catherine Melillo

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Take 3 on the Big Screen in 2014!

There are tons of exciting things happening here at Take 3! Two of our very own, EMMI SHOCKLEY and MADDIE HOWARD, are creating lots of buzz at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in PING PONG SUMMER, which also features Susan Sarandon. The film premieres this weekend and has been named one of the “Top 15 Most Buzzworthy Films” by The Sundance Channel.

We are also giving a huge congratulations to little miss QUINN MCCOLGAN, who has signed on to star opposite MATTHEW FOX & JEFFREY DONOVAN in the upcoming thriller WELCOME TO HARMONY. Our rising star will be traveling to Budapest, Hungary next week to begin filming and she couldn’t be more excited! Keep a look out for Quinn McColgan in Liam Neeson’s film NON-STOP, which will be premiering in theaters in February.

Another one of our rising stars, GIULIA CICCIARI, has also made her way into one of Neeson’s films. Giulia has been filming for the new feature film RUN ALL NIGHT opposite Joel Kinnamen, hip-hop star Common, and Liam Neeson. She plays Kinnamen’s character’s daughter. Congratulations Giulia! Keep a look out for all of our fabulous talent making their way on to the big screen!

-The Take 3 Talent Team



New Website Up!

Hello everyone! We’ve recently had a major overhaul done on our website – everything is brand new! Please feel free to explore around the website and see our clients, browse our successes or read our FAQ. We hope you love it, and please feel free to visit our Facebook page as well to see updates on recent bookings and other happenings.

– The Take 3 Talent Team

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