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How do I get myself or my child started?
Please visit the SUBMISSIONS page on our website. You will need to fill out a submission form including your stats (i.e. height, weight, clothing size, date of birth, etc.) as well as your contact information. You will be prompted to upload some photos and resume (if you have one). We will NEED to see photos (these are not required to be professional) and/or links to any additional media you may have (voice-clips, YouTube videos, etc) before we decide to offer you an appointment with one of our representatives.

If you do not have photos you can upload to the site, please follow the mailing instructions which are outlined in our submissions page. You MUST include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you wish to receive a response via MAIL.

If we are interested in meeting you or your child, we will contact you within two weeks of your submission. If you do not hear from us, please wait the two weeks and feel free to resubmit or call to inquire about delivery of your submission.
If offered representation, do I (or my child) need professional headshots? How do I obtain them?
The answer, simply put, is YES. Professional headshots are one of the keys to success in this business. It is like a cover letter and resume for a job interview. Agents use an actor's headshot and resume to submit them for projects. When attending audition, actors need to provide them as materials to casting as well. Without a professional headshot, you will absolutely look unprofessional.

If your child is under the age of 4, a clean, nicely lit snapshot printed as an 8x10 will suffice for auditions due to the ever changing appearance of 0-4 year olds.

* Feel free to call the office to obtain a list of recommended photographers or speak to other actors in your field and inquire about who shot their photos. Schedule an appointment, shoot, and send your agent over some samples of your photos via email or disc as soon as possible. You may send us the whole disc or narrow down your options.
Is there a FEE to join the agency? Are you a legitimate agency?
NO - Absolutely not. There are NO fees to be represented by Take 3 Talent Agency. We only make a commission percentage if you work. There are no additional costs involved in representation. We are licensed, bonded and SAG-AFTRA/AEA franchised.

* Please note that you should NEVER pay fees up front to be represented by a legitimate agency.
I need a UTMA/UGMA/COOGAN Account. What is this?
In order to obtain a work permit, all talent under 18 are required to open a trust account.

Visit a local bank (we recommend Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, etc.).

Request to open a UTMA (uniform trust to minors) or UGMA(uniform gift to minors) account.

If you prefer, you can also ask for a Blocked Trust Account. This can be obtained at the ACTORS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION (165 W. 46TH Street, New York, NY 10036).

Please note each of these accounts have their individual benefits. We advise that you speak with your bank’s investment specialist when determining which account is best for your child.
I freelance with several agencies. Is Take 3 EXCLUSIVE? Why?
Take 3 Talent does NOT participate in freelance agreements with its actors. As a boutique agency, we pride our selves on personalized attention, individual career counseling, and on the overall building and shaping of our talent. Our actors do not get lost in the shuffle. As reflected in many of our recent successes, we strongly believe our model of exclusive representation has really made a difference in the careers of our actors and actresses of all ages. In an industry plagued with an over saturation of illegitimate representation avenues, scams, etc., we work very hard to earn the esteem of our talent and the casting directors who hire them.

For many out there who have tried freelancing and are looking for a change, We here at Take 3 offer a commitment to your personal growth and offer opportunities that are specifically shaped around your particular career goals.
It says you are a FULL SERVICE agency. Can I be with TAKE 3 for COMMERCIALS, and not TV/FILM, THEATRE or vice versa?
Yes, representation in COMMERCIALS/VOICE-OVER, TV/FILM and THEATRE can be split.

As a youth client, it is NOT advisable to split representation fields as keeping your schedule under one house will make for the easiest and most productive representation. As a full service agency, we do offer the opportunity to participate in audition opportunities in all fields. WE may CHOOSE to only represent your child for one or more of the fields due to his/her unique talents in any particular category, but will most often offer representation "across the board" which means under Commercials, TV/Film, Voiceover, and possibly Theater.

As an adult (over 18) client, we DO allow for split representation, and will discuss this with you at the time of meeting.

Please note: Each case is individual and there is no GENERAL answer here.
I’m thinking about altering my appearance. (ie; I may be getting a hair cut. I think I need to get braces.) DO I NEED TO INFORM MY AGENT?
YES. YES. YES! Before making any changes to your appearance, you MUST consult with your agent. Cosmetic changes, i.e. Hair cuts/coloring, cosmetic surgery, etc. MUST be discussed with your representation. Changing your appearance changes your "spec" when it comes to acting/performing. A drastic haircut could add years to your "look" and could change the types of roles you may "fit" in a casting situation.

* It may also prove to be a legal issue if you are currently on a contract that requires that you stay as is for your characters purposes. We have seen the most minimal physical changes result in financial DAMAGES as part of a breach of contract on certain productions.

For youth clients, Haircuts, Braces, etc. These are all facts of life, HOWEVER, they MUST be discussed with the agency. A haircut could change the child's age range, and braces almost always result in a drop of audition opportunities. Most productions, Film/TV and/or Commercials do not cast kids with braces nearly as often as those without. If your child NEEDS braces, it is advised to speak to your agent about your options, your timeline, and ultimately what this would mean for their career.

* Your agent may ADVISE you to change your hair color, cut, etc. Don't be afraid to ask the question, but be prepared to take your agent's lead, as we are the professionals in this field.
What makes a SUCCESSFUL actor? And what can I be doing to help my agency and to further my own career?
So many actors believe that having an agent is the KEY to success. They are wrong. The most important key is YOU. A successful actor is PREPARED for success. He or she is motivated, organized, serious and prepared.

Most of an agencies work is done behind the scenes. An agent is constantly meeting new talent, reading scripts, choosing headshots, tweaking resumes, researching projects, submitting on breakdowns, emailing back and forth with casting, scheduling, and making sure you are in the mix for opportunities as they arise. A successful actor has given his or her agent:

Updated photos (at least once per year)


Updated resumes (several times a year or whenever an update is necessary)

** This includes updates to the SKILLS or TRAINING sections in your resumes, NOT just bookings.
Media clips


Your schedule

* As a serious actor- we assume you are ALWAYS available. Be sure to give us your "book out dates" - when you are unavailable for any reason. Calendars are kept on each talent and submissions are made to tailor your schedule as much as possible.
Updated copies of Legal Documents
For youth clients, this is a copy of your CHILD PERFORMER PERMIT and trust account information. (You must update this permit ONCE a year and send the updated copies to your agent.)
For adult clients this includes copies of work visas, check authorization forms, etc.
If you have done all of the above, you are prepared for Success.
I am currently represented by TAKE 3 TALENT. Do I need a manager?
There is no simple answer to this question. Some of our clients have managers, many do not. You do not NEED a manager.
While we pride ourselves on providing hands on representation, Managers are a piece of a larger puzzle and a key member of a team that you may ultimately want in place as you continue to progress. Bringing on a manager is a decision that you should definitely discuss with your agent.

We work with some wonderful managers, many of whom we could recommend to you based on you or your child's particular career goals. Every actor is unique and its important to understand that signing with a manager, while in conjunction with your agency, may not change the number of auditions you attend, or the way that casting directors view you or your resume. In some cases, management may not be needed, where in others, they are. Managers are often able to provide even MORE hands on attention to details and aid in career aspects of promotions, marketing, publicity, and much more while working hand in hand with your agents.

Please alert your agent immediately if you are considering adding a manager to your team.
Does Take 3 Talent Agency represent talent in both NY & LA?
Yes, Take 3 Talent does work with talent bi-coastally. In some situations TAKE 3 will recommend a split with an agency out of LOS ANGELES. We currently have split clients with COAST TO COAST, OSBRINK, and PARADIGM. These splits do not cost our actors ANY additional commission percentages. Our goal is to ensure that our roster is being given EVERY opportunity to succeed.

As a result, we submit on projects on both coasts as well as major markets like Miami, Chicago, Toronto and much more!
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