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Today marks the end of yet another great chapter here at Take 3 Talent. We sadly say goodbye to our wonderful friend and colleague, Chelsea Streano.

Chelsea genuinely loved working with ALL of our amazing children - so much so that most days we would find her singing, dancing, and/or jumping up & down with excitement whenever a kid would book a job. Her enthusiasm and passion inspired all of us to work harder and there's no doubt that we will miss her! HOWEVER, this isn't goodbye but rather GOOD LUCK to what the future will bring :-)


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See the lovely and talented Ashley Blankenship in the A+E Networks episodic "I Love You...But I Lied:Torn", thanks to Brette Goldstein Casting! Wonderful! ...

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This year, Take 3 Talent is taking Hollywood by storm! Our very talented CARLA OUDIN and DEVIN FABRY are receiving a lot of attention for their appearances in the recently released Trainwreck starring Amy Shumer! But that isn’t the only summer blockbuster to feature our actors! Pixels, another recent premiere, features our very own JARED RILEY. Jared had a blast... See more
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With today’s easy access to cameras and editing software, actors are being called upon more and more often to tape their own auditions. Not only do self tapes allow casting directors to see a larger number of actors, they also present a great opportunity for New York actors to audition for LA projects. However, due to the huge amount of... See more
Why do I need a demo reel? Casting directors do not waste time. That means calling in the best actors for the role, and only working with those who prove themselves to be the strongest overall. With thousands of actors vying for auditions and roles, it’s important to set yourself apart and use every advantage available to you. In the industry today, headshots... See more
Here at Take 3 Talent, the more we work on voice overs, the more we realize how difficult it is to book a voice over job! It seems easy… you might have a GREAT voice, maybe you’ve booked some cool on-camera jobs, but booking a VO is a completely different animal. The key to successfully making the transition into voice... See more
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Thoughts from the Intern: Looking through talent submissions and meeting new potential clients, I see a lot of the same mistakes over and over. Here’s a quick run-down of easily avoidable mistakes to keep your headshot out of the “do not call” pile. 1) Lying in your skills section: A good special skills section of your resume is a great... See more
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It is important to always have your materials up-to-date, and passports have become one of the most common materials requested of a talent. We are seeing more and more auditions that are filming out of the country and even having some of their final callbacks out there. That means, if you want the job then you need to have a... See more
Actor Advice
In the acting world, keeping a good relationship with your agent is of the utmost importance! Many times, people will ask us if there are any “do’s” or “don’ts” related to the agent/actor dynamic. Here are our 6 tips in order to keep your agent happy! STAY FRESH!  Being an actor, you’ve got to keep brushed up on your skills... See more
Actor Advice
Taking the perfect headshot is imperative to getting your foot in the door. It your calling card and it is often the only thing that casting directors look at when choosing actors to come in for an audition. Here are some tips for you to follow when taking your next headshots. In terms of your look, keep it simple. Choose... See more
Now there’s yet another way to keep up with all of our new bookings, shout-outs, and see behind-the-scenes photos of our talent! Please be sure and show your support by following us on our new Instagram, @take3talent, as well as ‘liking’ our page on Facebook, if you haven’t already!
There are tons of exciting things happening here at Take 3! Two of our very own, EMMI SHOCKLEY and MADDIE HOWARD, are creating lots of buzz at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in PING PONG SUMMER, which also features Susan Sarandon. The film premieres this weekend and has been named one of the “Top 15 Most Buzzworthy Films” by The... See more
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