October 6, 2018

Agent Interviews: Part 1 – TV/Film

Actors are constantly striving to know what industry professionals want to see in an audition. As a Take 3 Talent intern, I’ve had the privilege of shadowing our agents on a daily basis. Every agent is different, but most have similar preferences for what they want to see in an audition. I decided to interview each department to provide insight into what agents are looking for, what they despise, and how you can stand out to them as an actor.

Part 1: Natasha Matallana Marken – TV/Film Agent, President of Take 3 Talent

Q: So often, creatives are asked after they graduate college what they intend to “do” with their degree. There is no “talent agent” major in college, meanwhile it is such a crucial job in the entertainment industry and is a perfectly viable career option. How did you end up becoming a talent agent, and what drew you to this position? Did your major in college impact this decision/how has it helped/not helped?

Natasha graduated as Valedictorian from her college with a degree in Business Management and a concentration in Music Business. She took music management and contract law classes, which built the foundation of her knowledge of the entertainment industry. Through her various internships and work experience after college, Natasha decided to start her very own boutique talent agency, representing across the board of talent divisions, which you have come to know as Take 3 Talent.

A: “I love working with actors and performers”, she says. “I’ve seen thousands of actors audition, and they always bring something new to the table. I started Take 3 because I wanted to dedicate my career to guiding actors.” “My LOVE and KNOWLEDGE of the industry aids my ability to be successful every day. I highly recommend a college education to provide background for any industry you pursue. My college degree was not entirely identical to my current career path but has significantly impacted my ability to understand contract law and manage performers from a business standpoint.”

Q: What is the most common mistake actors make when auditioning for you? What is something that when an actor does, it ensures that they DON’T get the job/chosen for your roster?

A: “Don’t be one note! When I ask you to tell me about yourself, don’t tell me you like to act because I already know that. Talk to us about something that’s interesting! What else defines you besides being an actor/singer/dancer, what makes you you? When I meet someone, I want to see that they’re relatable, someone I can hang out with or talk to. You might be as equally talented as someone else, but I have way more fun talking to you! I want to sign someone that I can root for…Often, directors give us feedback after working with one of our actors on a project. Directors also want to be able to work with you while having a fun time. They want determined and hardworking actors, but also someone who is three dimensional and able to hold a conversation! Therefore, simply be yourself.”