October 8, 2018

Agent Interviews: Part 2 – Commercial

Actors are constantly striving to know what industry professionals want to see in an audition. As a Take 3 Talent intern, I’ve had the privilege of shadowing our agents on a daily basis. Every agent is different, but most have similar preferences for what they want to see in an audition. I decided to interview each department to provide insight into what agents are looking for, what they despise, and how you can stand out to them as an actor.

Part 2: Shoshana Cantwell – Commercial Agent

Q: As a Commercial agent, what do you look for in an audition that is specific to your department? Most of the time, actors feel the need to impress people with their resumes, but if they’re just starting out, they don’t have much to back up their credibility besides the in person audition. Therefore, for actors who have limited resumes, how can they make up for that in the audition room/what is your biggest piece of advice for auditioners?

A: “For commercials, it’s okay to not have many credits on your resume. Commercials are actually a great way to build your resume if you’re just breaking into acting. In my meetings with potential clients, I look for someone who is PERSONABLE, UNIQUE, OUTGOING, and ENGAGING. Someone who can follow instructions…Did you prepare what I asked? Did you show up on time? Are you dressed professionally? I need to know that you’re reliable, because I have to be able to WORK with you. As for auditioning with commercial copy, it’s really important to give a naturalistic read. Improv Training is really good for commercial actors, and I highly recommend actors to take improv classes if they don’t already.”

Q: What do actors need to have in order to work with you?

A: “RELIABILITY. Actors must be reliable. That includes always communicating efficiently, as in answering emails in a timely fashion to confirm appointments, and always remembering to book out. When actors don’t book out, I can’t work with them. You have to treat this like a business, because it is one.”