September 12, 2013

I am currently represented by TAKE 3 TALENT. Do I need a manager?

There is no simple answer to this question. Some of our clients have managers, many do not. You do not NEED a manager.

While we pride ourselves on providing hands on representation, Managers are a piece of a larger puzzle and a key member of a team that you may ultimately want in place as you continue to progress. Bringing on a manager is a decision that you should definitely discuss with your agent.

We work with some wonderful managers, many of whom we could recommend to you based on you or your child’s particular career goals. Every actor is unique and its important to understand that signing with a manager, while in conjunction with your agency, may not change the number of auditions you attend, or the way that casting directors view you or your resume. In some cases, management may not be needed, where in others, they are. Managers are often able to provide even MORE hands on attention to details and aid in career aspects of promotions, marketing, publicity, and much more while working hand in hand with your agents.

Please alert your agent immediately if you are considering adding a manager to your team.