September 5, 2013

I freelance with several agencies. Is Take 3 EXCLUSIVE? Why?

Take 3 Talent does NOT participate in freelance agreements with its actors. As a boutique agency, we pride our selves on personalized attention, individual career counseling, and on the overall building and shaping of our talent. Our actors do not get lost in the shuffle. As reflected in many of our recent successes, we strongly believe our model of exclusive representation has really made a difference in the careers of our actors and actresses of all ages. In an industry plagued with an over saturation of illegitimate representation avenues, scams, etc., we work very hard to earn the esteem of our talent and the casting directors who hire them.

For many out there who have tried freelancing and are looking for a change, We here at Take 3 offer a commitment to your personal growth and offer opportunities that are specifically shaped around your particular career goals.