September 12, 2013

If offered representation, do I (or my child) need professional headshots? How do I obtain them?

The answer, simply put, is YES. Professional headshots are one of the keys to success in this business. It is like a cover letter and resume for a job interview. Agents use an actor’s headshot and resume to submit them for projects. When attending audition, actors need to provide them as materials to casting as well. Without a professional headshot, you will absolutely look unprofessional.

If your child is under the age of 4, a clean, nicely lit snapshot printed as an 8×10 will suffice for auditions due to the ever changing appearance of 0-4 year olds.

* Feel free to call the office to obtain a list of recommended photographers or speak to other actors in your field and inquire about who shot their photos. Schedule an appointment, shoot, and send your agent over some samples of your photos via email as soon as possible. You may send us the whole link or narrow down your options.