September 5, 2013

I’m thinking about altering my appearance. (ie; I may be getting a hair cut. I think I need to get braces.) DO I NEED TO INFORM MY AGENT?

YES. YES. YES! Before making any changes to your appearance, you MUST consult with your agent. Cosmetic changes, i.e. Hair cuts/coloring, cosmetic surgery, etc. MUST be discussed with your representation. Changing your appearance changes your “spec” when it comes to acting/performing. A drastic haircut could add years to your “look” and could change the types of roles you may “fit” in a casting situation.

* It may also prove to be a legal issue if you are currently on a contract that requires that you stay as is for your characters purposes. We have seen the most minimal physical changes result in financial DAMAGES as part of a breach of contract on certain productions.

For youth clients, Haircuts, Braces, etc. These are all facts of life, HOWEVER, they MUST be discussed with the agency. A haircut could change the child’s age range, and braces almost always result in a drop of audition opportunities. Most productions, Film/TV and/or Commercials do not cast kids with braces nearly as often as those without. If your child NEEDS braces, it is advised to speak to your agent about your options, your timeline, and ultimately what this would mean for their career.

* Your agent may ADVISE you to change your hair color, cut, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask the question, but be prepared to take your agent’s lead, as we are the professionals in this field.