September 5, 2013

It says you are a FULL SERVICE agency. Can I be with TAKE 3 for COMMERCIALS, and not TV/FILM, THEATRE or vice versa?

Yes, representation in COMMERCIALS/VOICE-OVER, TV/FILM and THEATRE can be split.

As a youth client, it is NOT advisable to split representation fields as keeping your schedule under one house will make for the easiest and most productive representation. As a full service agency, we do offer the opportunity to participate in audition opportunities in all fields. WE may CHOOSE to only represent your child for one or more of the fields due to his/her unique talents in any particular category, but will most often offer representation “across the board” which means under Commercials, TV/Film, Voiceover, and possibly Theater.

As an adult (over 18) client, we DO allow for split representation, and will discuss this with you at the time of meeting.

Please note: Each case is individual and there is no GENERAL answer here.