November 8, 2018

Headshot Ready?

We all have that one ‘ole faithful headshot that is reliable for every open call, audition, or even Backstage submission but, how often do you think about whether your headshot fits the production or even role that you are going for? If you are an industry vet, the answer is probably every waking hour. However, for the rest of us this may be a fresher concept.


Here are 3 examples of cases where you may want to switch up your go-to!



Here at Take 3, “Casting Networks” is the hub of commercial casting. Our Commercials department uses this website for the majority of their submissions. It is important that your default is a very smiley, happy headshot. Casting directors seeking commercial talent are not looking for dramatic or edgy headshots (think Good Luck Charlie vs Vampire Diaries). Save your best smize for your legit bookings!


Your headshot for a production of RENT should probably be different than your headshot for a production of Oliver. RENT, being a grungy rock musical, leaves you with a little more room to be creative rather than traditional, as the show is all about anarchy and boldly going against the norm. Conversely, Oliver would require something a bit more traditional and perhaps kid friendly.



If your hairstyle or facial hair does not reflect the role you are going for, it may be a good idea to use a headshot that does. You should always come in audition ready! However, the casting directors will likely appreciate seeing what you will look like when your appearance does reflect that of the character.

Whether you have gone through a major image change, auditioning for a very specific production, or trying to score more commercial bookings, your headshot is crucial to getting your foot in the door. Step out of your comfort zone and choose a headshot that serves your best interest!