June 23, 2017

Organizing Your Way To Success

It’s always been said that organization is the key to success. However, sometimes we forget just how crucial orderliness and structure can be for an actor. As a fellow actress (and intern), I understand the importance of remembering things. Not only do we as actors have to memorize our lines, but we must also remember details such as the names of casting directors and the times of our auditions. What if you have more than one audition in one day? What if you have five in one week? It’s so easy to miss a detail every now and then.

This brings me to my number one tip for all actors on how to become more prosperous. I recommend that you buy a notebook or journal. Perhaps make a spreadsheet if you’re savvy. Whatever it is, start a log.

The first step is to write everything down before your auditions. Start by listing the name of the project of which you are auditioning, the date, your role, and the casting director. Once you have the key components listed, get into the gritty details. Write down exactly what you wore and how you did your hair and makeup. Maybe you just got your hair highlighted. Write it down! Although it would be nice to remember all these small details, it simply is not realistic.
When it is time to go to your callback (fingers crossed), you can look back at your handy notes. Make sure to wear the same makeup/hair that you wore to your audition unless told otherwise by casting. If they liked you a certain way the first time, give them that same person in the callback!

At the end of the year, you can look back at all of the auditions, callbacks, and bookings you had and see if there are any patterns. Are you working with one casting director more than others? Are you booking more auditions when you wear a certain outfit or play a particular type of role? Since you now are organized, you will have this all written down.

Now go ahead and make it your goal to double the number of auditions, callbacks, and bookings every year! Good luck and get organizing!


By Abigail Spear