Morgan Peterson serves as the senior agent overseeing commercial, voice over, and print departments at Take 3 Talent Agency, representing a diverse array of clients featured in major campaigns for companies such as Chanel, Google Pixel, Cigna, McDonald’s, Amazon, Telfar, Audible, Hims & Hers, Target, and Adidas, among others. Her talented voice actors contribute to various media, including ads, animations, video games, and podcasts, featuring projects like DORA, Panera, Winnie the Pooh, Paw Patrol, Verizon, Fire Buds, Rockstar Games, Ebay, and BMW.
Having previously managed a prominent Boston talent agency, Morgan now brings her expertise to the bustling New York scene. Her dedication to her craft earned her a nomination for the 2022 Commercial or VO agent in the Northeast at the Heller Awards. Morgan is enthusiastic about supporting and empowering talent. When she’s not passionately typing away, you’ll likely find her scouring for new additions to her plant collection or exploring dusty antique shops.