June 23, 2014

Tips for Taking Headshots

Taking the perfect headshot is imperative to getting your foot in the door. It your calling card and it is often the only thing that casting directors look at when choosing actors to come in for an audition. Here are some tips for you to follow when taking your next headshots.

In terms of your look, keep it simple. Choose plain crew neck or v-neck t-shirts and find colors that compliment the eyes/skin tone. The clothing should be age appropriate, and fitted. Avoid baggy or oversized clothing, and try to stay away from layering because this often leads to looking bigger through the lens of the camera. For girls, style your hair down because it is important to see the length. Remember to keep hair and bangs away from your face – this goes for boys/men as well who may have a shaggier hairstyle! There is no need to bring any props like sunglasses, hat, bows, umbrellas, etc. to your shoot. Headshots are to showcase YOU!!

When it comes to the actual photoshoot, there is no need to bring your entire closet – just pick out four or five outfits. Be sure that your photographer does not take photos that are highly stylized or at sharp, unnatural angles. Also, get an equal amount of smiling (Commercial) and serious non-smiling shots (Legit/TV-Film).

Lastly, shake it out and relax! A photo-shoot should be a fun experience; if your child is feeling unhappy or uncomfortable, it will show in the photos.