Obtaining a 15-day temporary permit and/or need to apply for a 1 year permit.

Work permits are valid for one year and must be renewed every year via MAIL. It is your responsibility to renew the work permit and keep it current! (please do well in advance of upcoming work)

This permit requires 3 steps


CLICK HERE for the permit application.


Please fill the form out in its entirety and mail it in to the NY STATE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR as soon as possible. The permit can take up to 4 weeks to obtain.


Once you receive your permit in the mail, you MUST be sure to bring it with you to every job!
Make several copies, and always have them accessible. Keeping up with your child’s work permit status is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and is necessary for any work in the state of NY. Work permits MUST BE RENEWED EVERY YEAR. Be sure to mark your calendar to apply for renewal of your child’s permit at least 6 weeks before it is set to expire.