The film, based on Realbuto’s critically acclaimed off broadway play ; YES tells the story of alcoholic, pill-popping, washed up star Patrick Nolan (Realbuto), who is begrudgingly dragged from his nearly uninhabitable apartment by his sister Annie to see his niece Aggie (Mavis Simpson-Ernst) in her high school production of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Starring as Romeo is 17-year- old Jeremiah (Gould), who immediately catches Patrick’s eye. Once Patrick, who was involved in a scandal involving a minor years earlier (which ruined his career and his life), decides to mentor Jeremiah, a sick and twisted game of cat and mouse begins. What begins as an innocent acting lesson turns into something much more dangerous, resulting in mental torture, sexual advances, and a love affair of two surprisingly common minds. The destruction, or salvation, of the two main characters will last a lifetime. Who will win the game? Will anyone win at all?
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