Created in house with Take 3 clients Blake Rice and Ricky Ryan, this new show has officially started production.  The show features Blake and Ricky where they are tasked to prove the Impossible – by having to break down life’s biggest questions. With a team of comedians, experts and special guests –  Blake and Ricky, using sketches and confessionals, dissect the the great unknown, such as talking to dead people, proving if ghosts are real, walking the gates of hell and exploring what it would take to get away with murder (but pretend you know?). Tiptoeing or sometimes crossing the line, the duo explores where very few have gone before.  The show also features Take 3’s own Ashley Gavin, Lee Hurst, and Rachel Ravel. Dave Marken serves as creator & Executive Producer and Augi Jakovac (Pawn Stars) as Showrunner.