The highly anticipated preschool series Becca’s Bunch is slated to premiere on Nickelodeon networks in spring of 2018 starring Take 3 Talent’s NOA FE WILLIAMS in the title role. Becca’s Bunch is a new kind of cartoon, merging live action, puppetry and 2D and 3D animation. You’ve never experienced a digital world quite like this!

The series follows the adventures of a quirky little bird, Becca, and her three best friends as they explore their home of Wagtail Woods. Becca’s infectious enthusiasm, bright optimism and innate curiosity inspire the gang to bravely go where no bird, squirrel, fox, and worm have gone before!

From the award winning production company JAM Media, Becca’s Bunch is under a multi-territory contract with Nickelodeon to air the preschool series across its channels globally.

Supporting roles feature the voice talents of Take 3 actors BEN STONE-ZELMAN, SABRINA GLOW, and JADEN PACE. Read more about the ground breaking series HERE.